​You recently discovered puddles of water in your home and can’t find the source. But then you noticed there’s a leak in your roof. When you need roof repairs, call Good Shepherd Roofing for a free estimate and proactive solutions.

Looking for roofers Auburn property owners? Good Shepherd is a roofing company Auburn can trust to do quality work at an affordable price.  Auburn is a great place to live and work.  Our company has been a part of the community for many years and we pride ourselves on being your local, hometown Auburn roofer.  We are able to offer affordable, high quality roof repair and roof replacement  services to residents of Auburn.  Call us at 833-GSR-ROOF if you want to receive a quote for your Auburn home or commercial property.  You can also request a free roof inspection by filling out our form. 

When Is Custom Roof Repairs Needed?

At Good Shepherd Roofing, we recommend all of our customers have their roofs inspected annually. More importantly, with stormy weather, the rainy season, and the unexpected hail storms our area gets, it’s best to have your roof checked for leaks often.

We do not recommend any homeowner or property manager take any unnecessary risks by climbing a ladder to access your roof. It is dangerous, and you might get injured. However, though, from the ground, you will see noticeable signs of roof decay or damage in the form of:

  • Mold build-up

  • Rot spots

  • Leaks inside the residence

  • Missing or damaged shingles

  • Condensation build-up

  • Water stains on the eaves

  • Damaged gutters

When you find these forms of roof damage, we recommend immediate attention. Give us a call, and one of our roofing experts will schedule a roof inspection. Acting at the first signs your roof needs attention will reduce your repair and material costs and avoids replacing your entire roof.

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How Much Will Roof Repairs Cost You?

Unfortunately, there is no set price for roof repairs because the extent of the damage is hidden and unknown. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing some shingles, but in most instances, the damage we find is below the surface and has been there a long time.

Like Good Shepherd Roofing, a qualified professional roofing contractor, must inspect and assess your roof’s surface for hidden damage. Our team will uncover, address, and document what they find in a written estimate for you to review before deciding your next step.

It is also a great practice to obtain a minimum of three roofing repair quotes before you decide. Those quotes will provide you with all the information and details you need to make an informed decision.

What Are Common Roofing Repairs We Fix?

At Good Shepherd Roofing, we have encountered many ways your roof might leak. What may look like a loose shingle or two could be a rot spot growing or something worse. Though a roof leak shows up in one location, that doesn’t mean that’s where it started.

Something to remember, water travels to the place of least resistance. What may end up on the floor in one room could have started at your roof’s peak above another room. That’s why a thorough inspection from a Good Shepherd Roofing expert is needed to locate that damage.

Here is a shortlist of roofing problems we often uncover that require custom roof repairs:

  • Pipe flanges are damaged

  • Ridge vents poorly installed

  • Clogged gutters

  • Roofing nail pops or improper placement

  • Holes in the roof from satellite mounting stands

  • Flashing that got improperly installed

  • Condensation and moisture build-up

  • Leaf and pine needle debris piles

  • High winds and hail damage

  • Missing or damaged shingles

Building A Strong Reputation One Roof At A Time

Getting your home or commercial property roof repaired or replaced can be stressful. Our company has been a part of the community for many years, and we pride ourselves on being your local, hometown, roofing contractor.

That’s why Good Shepherd Roofing focuses on giving you the best customer experience. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. Call us today at 833-GSR-ROOF to get a no-obligation quote for your home or commercial property. To make it easier for you, request a free roof inspection by filling out our form.