​The time has come for your home to have a better look and feel and to give it more curb appeal. You’ve looked at home siding options, the different colors, and like what you found. When your home needs a facelift, call Good Shepherd Roofing for a free estimate and style suggestions.

Looking for roofers Auburn property owners? Good Shepherd is a roofing company Auburn can trust to do quality work at an affordable price.  Auburn is a great place to live and work.  Our company has been a part of the community for many years and we pride ourselves on being your local, hometown Auburn roofer.  We are able to offer affordable, high quality roof repair and roof replacement  services to residents of Auburn.  Call us at 833-GSR-ROOF if you want to receive a quote for your Auburn home or commercial property.  You can also request a free roof inspection by filling out our form. 

What Are The Benefits Of Home Siding?

Home siding has evolved over the years and transformed many homes. Today, a modest and average looking Georgia home can now be converted into a stylish and beautiful residence from new siding, increasing its property value and attracting home buyers.

Also, for properties that need home siding repairs or replacement, the homeowner is not limited on choice, design, and the material is exceptionally versatile. Should a passing storm or fallen tree damage your home’s siding, give us a call, and one of our siding professionals will assist you.

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How Much Will Home Siding Upgrades Or Repairs Cost You?

When you want to upgrade your home with new siding or make repairs on existing walls, you’ll want to know what it will cost you. Currently, in the industry, there are no standard pricing models contractors follow. But you can assume that the written quotes you receive will include labor and material costs and the property's size.

The different home siding materials available are:

  • Vinyl

  • Insulated Vinyl

  • LP SmartSide

  • Hardie Board

  • Everlast Composite

  • Natural Wood

  • Manufactured Wood

  • Metal

  • Brick

  • Fiber Cement

  • Stone Veneer

Should you want a ballpark figure, prices will traditionally range from $5 to $40 per square foot. That is due to the type of siding material used and the extent of the installation or repair needed. For additional details about the best siding for your home or business, give Good Shepherd Roofing a call.

What Home Siding Damages Do We Repair?

Over the years, we have repaired numerous properties with damaged home siding. Like roof repairs, a building’s siding can and does get damaged easily. When we looked on the surface or behind the siding, we uncovered some interesting details. Below is a brief list of siding damages we’ve repaired.

Hail Damage

When hail hits siding, it leaves little divet craters that damage the paint

Wildlife Damage

Birds or squirrels are searching for food or want to nest in your walls

Rot or Fungus

Water soaking into wood siding effects the sealant and crumbles

Cracks and Gaps

All buildings will and do shift, and your siding will flex and separate

Warping and Bubbles

Hot summers and extreme heatwaves can buckle material

Peeling or Missing Paint

Over time, the paint and sealer will age and flake off

Heavy Fading or Discoloration

Daily sunshine exposure dulls the surface appearance

Siding that is 20 years or older

All home siding has a life cycle that needs replacing

Building A Strong Reputation One Roof At A Time

Getting your home or commercial property roof repaired or replaced can be stressful. Our company has been a part of the community for many years, and we pride ourselves on being your local, hometown, roofing contractor.

That’s why Good Shepherd Roofing focuses on giving you the best customer experience. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. Call us today at 833-GSR-ROOF to get a no-obligation quote for your home or commercial property. To make it easier for you, request a free roof inspection by filling out our form.