When Searching For Roofing Solutions Turn to Good Shepherd for Roof Replacement & Repairs

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Good Shepherd Roofing Services

Our Promise to You

With decades of experience in the general contracting, construction, and roofing trades, we’ve become your Metro-Atlanta area experts for all roofing needs. 


We pride ourselves on honest, ethical, and candid communications coupled with award-winning VIP service.  


To ensure you get 100% satisfaction, we only use the latest roofing technologies. That allows us the opportunity to invest back into the community and help our neighbors.

Good Shepherd Roofing Services 

Serving homeowners and property managers across the region, you may have seen our vehicles. Our teams provide each customer with a wide range of roofing services and solutions. From residential homes to commercial properties, you can trust us with your roofing needs.

Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority

We take the greatest pride in providing exemplary services to our customers and their reviews are the greatest reflection of our dedication to them. 

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We Protect Your Home and Those Who Live In It

Ready for a Free Inspection?

No gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics.  Just an honest assessment of your roof, gutters, or siding. With our thorough inspection, you can make the best decision that meets your needs.  

Your Free Roof Inspection Includes: 

  • Overview of Your Roof’s Health

  • Water Sealing Integrity

  • Current or Potential Leaks

  • Wind, Hail, and Other Storm-Damage 

  • Vent Hoods and Chimneys 

  • Any Related Roof Structures 

We will provide a written inspection report that covers the entire roof's current condition, recommended options, along with photos of any areas of concern. 


6 Common Roofing Questions Homeowners Ask Good Shepherd Roofing

How can I tell it’s time to replace my roof?

There are many signs; it’s time to replace your roof: age, mold build-up, rot spots, and missing shingles.

Should I replace my shingles or the roof?

To strengthen your home’s protection, replacing your roof is a better choice.

Can I replace my roof anytime?

Depending on the season, certain times of the year are better for roof replacement.

Will my new roof help my utility bill?

When an old roof gets replaced, it is common for monthly energy bills to go down.

Is it true a new roof is a good investment?

A new roof adds curb appeal to the property, which increases your home’s value.

Will my insurance cover a new roof?

It depends on your coverage, but we will work with your insurance company, so you don’t have to.


Request Your Free Roof Inspection

Whether you need a new roof, have a pesky leak, or we are here to help. Send us a message and a member of the Good Shepherd Roofing team will contact you to schedule your free roof inspection.